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My Speakers Don’t Work! 3 Reasons Your Speakers Die Out

You can imagine how many customers come to us because their door speakers stopped working.…or because they sound distorted.…or because they come on an…
26th Jun 2023 Read article

The END of Navigation Car Stereos As We Know it!

It’s no secret – car stereo navigation units are dying.To be honest, I don’t know how they’ve survived over the last year.With smartphones owned and o…
7th Jun 2023 Read article

How to Install Subwoofers WITHOUT Replacing Your Stock Stereo

So here’s the rub…You want to add a little boom-boom to your car but either…1) You can’t replace the stereo system because it’s a new model (or it’s e…
19th Mar 2023 Read article

Top 3 Car Stereos With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Are you looking to use your most important apps right through your stereo? Did you know that you can access and use your phone’s… Navigation Podca…
3rd Jun 2019 Read article

2019 Audi A4 Gets Immaculate Ceramic Window Tint

Ever wonder what makes an Audi look and feel better?You guessed it – window tint!But now just any tint.In fact, don’t buy a brand new Audi and bring i…
2nd Jun 2019 Read article

2019 Honda Civic Si Gets Privacy With Suntek CXP Window Tint

From the picture it’s somewhat obvious that this Civic already had factory “tint” from the manufacture.But I put the word tint in quotes to illustrate…
19th May 2019 Read article