Quick. Easy. Affordable. Chrome Deletes Are Like “Botox” for your Car

If you are looking to level up your car, Hi-Tech is the chrome delete shop you need. We don’t care if you drive a Tesla, Honda or Bentley – chrome deletes will undeniably improve your car’s factory look!

With just a little bit of vinyl… some next-level craftsmanship… and a whole lot of lovin’…

Hi-Tech will give your car that mysterious edge you just don’t see on the road.

And forget new rims, car wrapping, or a new paint job…

Chrome deletes will jazz up your ride and make it POP without doing all that, and without breaking the bank.

And the best part?

We get your car done in a day – and change the look for a lifetime!

Our chrome delete shop can…

  • Make your car stand out from a sea of other cars
  • Refresh the look and feel of your ride
  • Make people “OOH” and “AW” when you drive by!

And we see it everyday! Simple, ordinary cars turned into “million dollar miracles”.

Like this regular Toyota Camry we transformed and gave a show car look to…

Customers are SHOCKED…

When they see their cars transformed with a little vinyl wrap.

And that’s the magic behind chrome deletes…

We use vinyl to wrap the chrome trims around the car to give it a subtle finish with a MASSIVE visual effect!

For cars with black paint, it’s the fastest way to give a fully blacked out look. Visit our chrome delete shop!

For any other car, it drives focus back to the contour and lines of the vehicle… Making for a crisp, clean look you can NEVER get from the factory!

Chrome delete gallery

There are few types of chrome delete:

Gloss black

Satin black

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