Hi-Tech Car Audio started as a small fantasy in one man’s mind. It was current President and founder, Azim Dehestani, who left his country and traveled across the world to create something new and exciting for people.

The times were the funky 80’s and Azim made it here with zero dollars in his pocket and a small family to support.

So he worked odd jobs washing dishes, laboring at a smoothie stand, and working at a donut shop.

Welfare checks were also a major source of survival for him, and he used whatever he got to support his family. But despite these circumstances he never lost his hope or his big vision.

It wasn’t until he went to Los Angeles with a friend that things began turning around. He met with a local wholesaler who sold him a cassette player.

Fascinated by the stereo (he tells us it was as mesmerizing to him then as Bluetooth stereos are now), Azim had finally connected with his passion again. You see, back in the old country he owned a photo shop and always loved electronics. This stereo rekindled that love and infused him with enthusiasm.

Interestingly enough, when he returned to the Bay Area all of his friends were clamoring for that stereo. They began bidding on it and fighting over who would get it. A light switch turned on for Azim.

He began regularly buying electronics and selling them to his friends. His boss at the donut shop even took notice of this. She offered him a platform to sell from in her ice cream parlor a couple stores down. Azim, of course, jumped on the opportunity and began seeing huge growth.

But eventually the ice cream parlor couldn’t support the traffic coming in. So Azim moved across the street into a big brick building, which held up well for a while. Then, about 5 years later, he moved again to our current location to accommodate his ever-growing customer base.

Customer-Centered Growth

Our staff constantly probes Azim for the “secret sauce” to his success. Why is it that we stay so busy for months-on-end? To this he always replies: “I love my customers”.

It’s as simple as that… and evidently true.

Azim has created a customer-focused atmosphere all throughout the shop. He remembers how early in his career he was astonished by the poor quality of customer service he found at other places.

He saw this as a gap that he needed to fill.

So he set his sights on not only giving people the best in car audio service, but also the most customer-friendly experience around.

But of course, you can’t just read something to believe it. You have to come on down and experience it yourself (if that sounded like an invitation to come down…it was!).