Let us “architect” your dream system

Today, people from all over bring us their cherished vehicles for tailor-made custom installations. The demand is so high that we re-designed our installation bay to facilitate these tiny masterpieces.

Now you can have a system designed and created by us that technically doesn’t exist on “paper”—but one that also integrates seamlessly with you OEM and factory set-up.

And the sky really isn’t the limit here…

We bring the symphony to your car using advanced tools and techniques, and over 30 years of combined experience. Learn more about our custom car audio installation services.

We’ve boiled the creation of a superior system down to a science

Getting a high-end custom install is not left to guesswork anymore. We don’t have to hope that your system will turn out awesome—we know exactly how it’ll look and sound beforehand.

Using advanced tuning software and unorthodox—yet highly effective—woodwork, we outfit your car with the same system you’ve envisioned and desire.

For instance:

  • We build space-efficient subwoofer enclosures that’ll maximize bass volume and take up minimal space
  • We use stacking techniques instead of fiber glass to build boxes, which eliminates your exposure to toxins
  • We can build enclosures hidden from the public eye like underneath your rear seats, integrated to your rear quarter panel, beneath your spare tire area, within your center console… and much more!
  • We use oscilloscopes to check amp and factory system outputs so there’s no distortion in or out
  • We use an RTA that allows us to stick a mic in the car and tune it acoustically instead of by ear (talk about not wingin’ it!)
  • We can create pressed grills with our routers to maintain the factory look and feel of your car
  • We work on your car carefully—as if money could never buy it again

Our staff will show you a variety of tints, the pros and cons of each, and a price point that meets your budget.