Hi-Tech is the Bay Area’s premier car window tinter!

When people think Hi-Tech, car audio immediately comes to mind.

But in order to meet ALL the needs of our ever-growing customer base, we’ve brought you the best car window tinting services around.

Now you can get your car a hot new look, some extra privacy, and a cool inside temperature.

Hi-Tech “edge” with window tinting

Here are some of our main specialities:

  • Different styles of tint to choose from
  • Different shades of tint choose from (from light to limo tint)
  • Window tint for better sun blockage
  • A warranty against your window tint peeling, cracking, bubbling… even turning purple!
  • Car window tint made to block UV rays and sun glare
  • Heat reduction window tint so your car stays cool on those scorching summer months
  • Different brands such as 3M and Viper to choose from
  • That last one is a biggie. Most places charge a premium for window tinting without TELLING you what kind of tint they’re using. Well not us!

Our staff will show you a variety of tints, the pros and cons of each, and a price point that meets your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

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