Among other services, Hi-Tech Car Audio also offers motorcycle audio installation to enhance your vehicle.

Over the years we’ve had requests to do systems on motorcycles. At first, these fell out of our area of expertise (car audio), and we resisted doing them.

But we soon changed our attitude about this when the demand grew and our willingness to take on the challenge did as well.

So we started taking on these jobs, failing forward and learning with each new system we installed. I’m sure you can imagine the HUGE learning curve we faced.

Today, however, we’re considered by many as one of the best motorcycle audio specialists around.

We’ve even bought our own Harley Roadglide, equipping it with a $13,000 dollar JL Audio system. It’s been dubbed “The concert on wheels”, and people come from all over Northern California to hear it(we’ve been told by veteran Harley riders it’s the best bike they’ve heard so far).

The sky is the limit when it comes to audio on bikes. You can keep it simple with a stereo and four speakers, or you can add amps and subwoofers with custom saddle bags to really give it some thunder.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in doing, feel free to bring your bike down so we can give it a run-through. Our technicians will be quick to put their imaginations to work and design a system to match your preferences.

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