Get Your Car Fully Wrapped With Hi-Tech’s Vehicle Wrap Service

If you’re looking to add logos, designs or entire color changes to your car – Hi-Tech can help!

We specialize in wrapping cars using durable, high-quality vinyl that protects your car and makes it unique.

It’s like painting your car… only BETTER!

Here’s a
quick Q & A:

  • Want to stand out from other cars and look unique? Then get your car wrapped!
  • Looking to protect your car from dings and scratches? Then get it wrapped!
  • Want to increase resale value on your car? Then PLEASE get it wrapped!

Our specialization

Right now we specialize in 4 different wraps…

Advertising Wraps

Research shows that the words and pictures on your vehicle get 91% of people’s attention – so why not transform your car into a “moving ad” that drives in the business?

Advertising wraps can…

  • Advertising wraps can…
  • Promote your business on your daily commute
  • Get your phone ringing!

Full Color Change

  • Makes your car unique and attractive
  • Avoids an expensive paint job
  • Gives you MORE color options than paint
  • Protects your car from dings and scratches (increasing resale value)
  • Avoids DMV complications by NOT painting your car

Hood Wraps

  • Gives your car an edge
  • Turns heads
  • Protects car from road objects
  • Cost-effective alternative to a full wrap

Roof Wraps

  • Protects your car from sun damage
  • Turns heads
  • Changes the look of car without doing a full wrap

Frequently Asked Questions

About Vehicle Wrap & Paint Protection