Hi-Tech built its foundation on car audio installation. In the early days Zap boards and equalizers were the rage.

Today compact subwoofer boxes and Smartphone-compatible stereos are the new kids on the block.

In any case, Hi-Tech has seen and kept up with the most innovative changes.

Now, we know your needs and preferences are not the same as the next person. You might crave the kind of system that gives California earthquakes a run for their money. Or maybe not.

Maybe you just want some classy tunes that are good enough for you inside the car—and not every person within a one mile radius. Either way, if it has to do with car audio we probably have something that matches your needs. Below you’ll find a list of our car audio services. Simply click on one to find out more about it:

Factory smartphone integration

Here you’ll find out about how to connect your phone or other music device straight to your factory stereo system (Sometimes there’s just no need to change your original stereo)

Car Audio Installation services

Here are some of our main specialties:

  • Aftermarket stereo installations that come with Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary input
  • Factory integrated Bluetooth and USB installations (so you don’t have to change your stereo)
  • Subwoofer systems that can fit in a variety of cars—even trucks and miniature cars
  • Factory door speaker replacement
  • 4-8 channel amplifiers to give you that concert sound
  • Aftermarket navigation systems that are compatible with Smartphone’s
  • And a cornucopia of other services that are too many to list here

Let us know if you need something you can’t find here.
If it’s related to car audio installation, chances are we’ve got it covered.

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