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2019 Honda Civic Si Gets Privacy With Suntek CXP Window Tint

2019 Honda Civic Si Gets Privacy With Suntek CXP Window Tint

by Hi-Tech Car Audio | 19th May 2019

From the picture it’s somewhat obvious that this Civic already had factory “tint” from the manufacture.

But I put the word tint in quotes to illustrate this point – it’s NOT actually tint!

No, the tint you get from the dealership is nothing but a little bit of dye infused in the windows.

It’s meant to create the look – or rather, the facade – of tint… and not actually the real thing.

For instance, with factory “tint” you’re not getting…

  • Glare reduction
  • Heat reduction
  • UV protection
  • Scratch resistance

These are all the benefits of good quality tint which ISN’T what car manufacturers offer.

This astute individual realized this and came straight to us for the REAL thing.

He wanted high-quality tint that could protect his upholstery and passengers from that burning california heat. So we showed him a few different options and after a bit he decided to go with the CXP.

Now his car is cooler, darker, and better looking overall.

[SIDE NOTE: If your car has factory dye in the windows already, just know that any shade of tint you add will always appear darker, as the colors do add up to make a darker blend]

Are you looking for an expert window tinter in the Bay Area?

Do you want to protect your car from the blistering California summertime heat?

Are you worried your worried about UV ray exposure?

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