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How Much Does it Cost to Tint Car Windows?

How Much Does it Cost to Tint Car Windows?

by Hi-Tech Car Audio | 6th Apr 2019

“What’s your cheapest tint… “

…is a question we get asked almost every single week.

And I get it. You want to give your car some style without breaking the bank. But trust me, you DON’T want to cheap out on your tint.

I’ve seen windows turn into this using cheap tint:

Purple Window Tint Film

Purple is a great color… just not on your windows :()

With that said, you don’t have to rob a bank to get great tint that doesn’t change colors like a chameleon.

You just need to know the different types of films and their industry average price points.

Here are the 4 tint types you can get and and average cost for each:

1. Dye Polyester Window Tint

This is probably the most heavily used window tint by shops and independent tinters nationwide.

Since it’s made out of dye polyester, it’s not the best at blocking heat or retaining its dark colors. With time, dye polyester may fade. And it definitely won’t keep the sun from bothering you, unless it has metal in the film. (metal is a great heat blocker)

We don’t carry much of this, but I know that 3M and Matico both make a pretty superior dye film that won’t give you any issues.

With that said, you can get better quality film at the same price. (which I’ll talk about in a bit)

Pricing for dye polyester window tint

  • 3 Windows – $69 – $99
  • 5 Windows – $149 – $199
  • 7 Windows – $179 – $249

2. Carbon Based Window Tint

Carbon window tint gets rid of the cheaper polyester material in favor of carbon.


Because carbon is an AWESOME UV ray and IR inhibitor.

It pretty much works to block out unwanted heat in your car and keeps you from roasting.

We love it, and this where our own tint packages start. It has yet to fail us.

Pricing For Carbon Window Tint

  • 3 Windows – $99 – $129
  • 5 Windows – $149 – $199
  • 7 Windows – $199 – $249

3. Multi-layered Window Tint

If you’re looking for added heat protection and an awesome driving experience – then you’d be smart to consider multi-layered carbon tint.

Imagine getting the awesome heat reduction that carbon tint offers… multiplied by 3! Yeah, it’s awesome.

Our Suntek CXP is our go-to tint here, with customers always raving about it.

Especially in the summertime when it’s hot enough to cook eggs on a rock.

Pricing For Multi-Layered/ CXP Window Tint

  • 3 Windows – $199 – $249
  • 5 Windows – $249 – $299
  • 7 Windows – $299 – $349

4. Ceramic Window Tint (The Creme-De-La-Creme)

Ceramic is the heavyweight king of the tint world.

Like CXP, it’s layered with multiple sheets of carbon.

But it doesn’t stop there…

They also added – you guessed it – ceramic to the film.

With that ceramic layer, you’re getting a level of heat protection you can’t get with any other film.

The only problem is that ceramic film all by itself is clear and you can’t make it go any darker … unless you add carbon to it. Which is what Suntek does to their Ceramic series of tint.

If you’re looking for virtually ZERO heat in your car, then ceramic is the name of the game.

With ceramic, you’ll barely need to use your AC.

In fact, you’ll save tons of money each month on gas. (or voltage if you’re driving an electric car or a Tesla)

It’s superior to almost everything else on the market and not everyone will carry it.

Of course, we do :).

Pricing For Ceramic Window Tint

  • 3 Windows – $399
  • 5 Windows – $449
  • 7 Windows – $499

So if you’re asking “what’s the price of window tint” and everyone is giving you different answers … just keep the above pricing guidelines in mind.

If a tinter is quoting you something far and away from these prices (with regard to the film type) then I would be leary.

And if you have any other questions about getting your windows tinted, then feel free to reach out to us!