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Hand holding Phone Against The Law – $1,000 Fine?!

Hand holding Phone Against The Law – $1,000 Fine?!

by Hi-Tech Car Audio | 13th Apr 2019

Is it true?

Can you really be penalized $1,000 for holding your phone in your car?

At first, it was just a rumor being spread throughout social media… so like any normal person, I didn’t take it seriously.

But then I saw it – government message signs on I-680 reading:

“Hand hold phone against the law. Violators will be fined”

Ok, it didn’t mention exactly how much you’d be fined. But I’m betting that it won’t be a teeny weeny slap on the wrist anymore.

And you know what? That’s good!

I’m honestly tired of seeing all the phone-fiddling on the road. It’s ridiculous. It’s senseless. And it’s DANGEROUS.

Let’s be responsible people.

If you don’t have some sort of bluetooth system in your phone, hurry up and take care of that!

You can literally purchase a stereo or OEM integration bluetooth unit for less than $300 – $400 (with parts and installation)

So there’s ZERO excuses.

And if you want to 100% guarantee you won’t touch your phone, Get Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

With Apple Carplay or Android Auto, you can literally operate your most-used phone apps and features right through your stereo.

  • Want to send a voice text through your stereo? Apple Carplay will do it!
  • Want to make or take a call hands free? Apple Carplay will do it!
  • Want to use your Google Maps or Iphone navigation? Apple Carplay will do it!
  • Want to listen to your podcasts, music, Spotify, Pandora whatever? Get Apple CarPlay!

And guess what? Apple Carplay has NEVER been more affordable.

Check out Alpine’s latest innovation:


This Puppy gives you full Apple Carplay functionality, AM/FM and bluetooth for ONLY $299!

So yes – there’s ZERO excuse for you to send that “all-important” text from your phone while driving.

Because now with Apple Carplay (or Android Auto) you can do it through voice command.

Make sense?

Will I see you driving with that phone in your hand from now on?

… No?


We’re making the world a safer place already ?

If you have any questions about Apple Carplay, Bluetooth, or hands-free calling, give us a ring at 510-527-9888.