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7 Things Your Car Audio System is Missing

7 Things Your Car Audio System is Missing

by Hi-Tech Car Audio | 9th Mar 2019

Everyone wants good sound in their cars… but what does that really mean?

For some, ‘good sound’ just means a little more bass.

For others it means more vocal clarity.

And for others it’s just having a stereo capable of bluetooth!

Ten different people will give ten different answers.

But to us – a GOOD sound system means complete alteration and enhancement of your current sound. It means addressing the WHOLE system – not just its individual parts.

Like the human body, a sound system works as the sum of MANY different functions and operations.

For us humans, happiness doesn’t just come from diet and exercise…

You also need good relationships, a healthy love life, and a bit of spirituality tossed in the mix.

Your car is no different…

A good car audio system is made of many different ingredients – lose one and your entire system becomes “unhealthy”.

(e.g. it’ll sound like wolverine claws on a chalkboard)

So here are 7 ingredients every rockin’ sound system needs:

1. A Hi-Voltage Stereo

This is vital.

In addition to getting a stereo that does bluetooth, USB, Aux etc., you need one that has a 4-volt preamp output. Why?

Well, essentially it sends a strong signal to the rest of your system, and allows all the other parts (to be talked about in a minute) to function at their peak.

It’s like getting our bodies all the vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins they need to perform well – only it’s for your sound system.

You can easily see if a stereo has this by the label on the packaging.

If it’s not there, chances are the stereo doesn’t have it.

2. Door Speakers

What good is changing your stereo when all the speakers stay factory? (a.k.a rubbish?)

Changing your speakers is vital to getting those crispy-warm vocals we love.

The problem with factory speakers is that they’re usually paper-thin, are made of cheap material, and have small drivers that produce very little in volume.

They just don’t perform anywhere near a solid pair of aftermarket speakers.

On the contrary, a good set of aftermarket speakers could be made of silk or beryllium, provide superior mid bass, and deliver high-frequencies that bring your music to life.

At times, customers tell us ‘it’s like having the band play right next to me’.

3. A Four Channel Amplifier

You didn’t think those awesome speakers were going to perform by themselves, did you?

Just like every good athlete needs a mentor, every good set of speakers needs an amplifier to drive them.

Remember: aftermarket speakers utilize A LOT of power – more than the stereo itself can give.

Without power, they won’t perform.

That’s why you’ve got to supply them with a quality four channel amplifier that drives loads of power but won’t overheat or shutdown.

That way the speakers can do their jobs and bring tears to your eyes when they’re on.

The best amplifiers are made by Alpine, JL Audio, Focal, Kenwood and Kicker. Just ask us about them!

4. Subwoofer

This is where all your bass comes from. And if you think you don’t need bass … or that you don’t want loud sound … I assure it’s not about that.

A subwoofer doesn’t just give you bass – it adds the low frequency your ears are accustomed to.

Without a sub, your music will sound flat. End of story.

Sure, the door speakers will sound great, but they won’t give you that depth that’s present in virtually ALL music.

There are certain notes and frequencies present in all songs that won’t sound right without a sub.

Trust me on this one.

Virtually 9 out of 10 customers who don’t think they need it always change their minds after I let them listen to a system that has a sub, and one that doesn’t.

5. Monoblock Amplifier

Did you think your subwoofer would turn on all by itself?

Of course not silly!

It needs an amp – and a REALLY good one too.

You want an amp that will match the subwoofers RMS rating. So if your subwoofer puts out 300 watts RMS, then you’ll want to get an amp that’s roughly the same power output.

(although it’s OK if that number is a little more or a little less on the amp)

6. Dynamat

Ever heard an annoyingly loud car on the street that had major trunk and door rattling issues?

“BRM! BRM! BRM!” is the sound that it makes.

Well Dynamat can cure this.

It’s essentially a sound deadening material that pads the interior metal of the car so that the car doesn’t vibrate when your sound system starts to boogie.

Ideally you want to apply a layer or two everywhere you’ve added speakers and subwoofers.

7. Speaker Fast Rings

Now you might think we’re overdoing it … but hear me out.

All you’re doing with fast rings is putting a foam material around your speaker so that they can harness the sound waves better.

You see, when door speakers start to play, a portion of the sound gets dissipated – or lost – in the surrounding panel area. For that reason, they never sound 100% as good as they can.

So when you apply these (rather inexpensive) little rings, all the sound is brought to the inside of the car.

This lets you remember exactly why that money was spent on those speakers in the first place!

Well, there you have – 7 “ingredients” every car audio system needs to sound DYNAMITE.

If you’re confused by anything, or have any questions, please give us a call at 510-527-9888.