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5 Reasons to Get Apple Carplay This Year

5 Reasons to Get Apple Carplay This Year

by Hi-Tech Car Audio | 1st Mar 2019

Apple CarPlay units are all the rage these days.

People call every week telling us they want one … sometimes without even understanding what they really do!

Amazing. But no surprise considering all the industry glamour they get

So what’s the verdict? Is it all hype? Or is Apple Carplay REALLY worth buying (let alone, carrying in our store)

Well here are 5 surprising facts about Apple Carplay that might win you over:

1. Distraction-Free Driving

Apple Carplay lets you drive and make voice commands through siri, so you don’t have to manually use your phone. Instead you just click a button – and make your command!

Got an “important” text to make? Well instead of fixing your eyes on the screen and risking the chance of running over that cute little cat in the street (or worse..), just voice command your message through your Carplay unit.

I know I can’t change your minds from about texting in the car, so this might be the next best thing.

2. Mirroring your Navigation

Instead of spending an extra $300 – $700 for a navigation unit, you can just get a Carplay unit that uses your phone navigation. It’s pretty much the same as buying a pre-built navigation unit, so why spend the extra money? Just get a Carplay unit and you’re good to go!

3. You can use Waze (i.e. Navigation on Steroids)

Waze is like the Wikipedia of navigation – it’s packed with everything you need to know about traffic conditions, and it’s constantly updated to stay accurate and relevant (although it’s not always a guarantee).

Want to know the cheapest gas station near you? Waze will tell you.

Are you a speed demon with a lead foot? Set Waze to tell you to slow down.

Worried about a police trap? Waze has solutions for that! (shhh… we didn’t tell you that)

4. Music, Music, Music

Think you’re stuck with itunes and Apple Music? Not a chance! With a Carplay unit you can also listen to Amazon Music, Google Play music and Spotify. If you’re not listening to one of those sources – or your own downloaded music – then Carplay might not be right for you. But then again… what are you listening too???

5. Wireless Connectivity

You heard that right. A few of our Carplay Brands have made Apple Carplay wireless. No need to plug in your phone AT ALL. Now it pairs up wirelessly just like Bluetooth. That means you can have some of the most useful apps, navigation, music, your phone book and more mirrored on your screen – without having your phone plugged in.

So what do you think? Does Carplay sound interesting now?

We think it might!

And if you have any questions at all about an Apple Carplay unit and if it’ll work in your car, give us a call at 510-527-9888.