Car Window Tinting

Hi-Tech is the Bay Area’s premier car window tinter!

When people think Hi-Tech, car audio immediately comes to mind.

But in order to meet ALL the needs of our ever-growing customer base, we’ve brought you the best car window tinting services around.

Now you can get your car a hot new look, some extra privacy, and a cool inside temperature.

Car tinted window

And most importantly, you’ll be getting the Hi-Tech “edge” with window tinting. This means you’ll get…

  • Different styles of tint to choose from
  • Different shades of tint choose from (from light to limo tint)
  • Window tint for better sun blockage
  • A warranty against your window tint peeling, cracking, bubbling… even turning purple!
  • Car window tint made to block UV rays and sun glare
  • Heat reduction window tint so your car stays cool on those scorching summer months
  • Different brands such as 3M and Viper to choose from
  • That last one is a biggie. Most places charge a premium for window tinting without TELLING you what kind of tint they’re using. Well not us!

Our staff will show you a variety of tints, the pros and cons of each, and a price point that meets your budget.

Get your car window tinting quote online.

What tint is legal in California?

Full vehicle windshield tint is not legal in California. However, you can tint the top 4 inches of the windshield at any percentage. The front two windows must allow 70% visible light transmission. The back side windows and the back windshield can be as dark as you want. 

What is the darkest you can legally tint your windows?

In California the legal limit on the front two windows is 70% visible light transmission. The back side windows and the back windshield can be tinted as dark as you want. Your front windshield can only be tinted on the top 4 inches. 

What is the cost for car window tinting?

The average price range to tint car windows is $100 – $500. It depends on the brand and quality of film, as well as the tinter’s experience. Most dyed films cost roughly $100+ while Carbon and Ceramic films are $250+. 

We honestly don’t recommend the dyed films because they block virtually zero heat and they tend to fade and bubble over time.

What are the benefits of window tinting?

There are multiple benefits of window tinting, including more protection for your skin from harmful UV rays, protection for your upholstery, more heat reduction so you’re not using the AC all the time, lower energy/gas consumption, privacy from car thieves and more. 

Window tinting also kills your car’s “fishbowl” look and replaces it with a sexy edge people will gawk at.

Just give us a call at 510-527-9888 to find out more. Or just come on in!

Car Window Tinting

Hi-Tech is the Bay Area's premier window tinter!   Read More

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