Vehicle Wrap & Paint Protection

Get Your Car Fully Wrapped With Hi-Tech’s Vehicle Wrap Service

Get Your Car Fully Wrapped With Hi-Tech’s Vehicle Wrap Service

Bonnet of vehicle wrapped

If you’re looking to add logos, designs or entire color changes to your car – Hi-Tech can help!

We specialize in wrapping cars using durable, high-quality vinyl that protects your car and makes it unique.

It’s like painting your car… only BETTER!

Bonnet of vehicle wrapped

Here’s a quick Q & A:

  • Want to stand out from other cars and look unique? Then get your car wrapped!
  • Looking to protect your car from dings and scratches? Then get it wrapped!
  • Want to increase resale value on your car? Then PLEASE get it wrapped!

Right now we specialize in 4 different wraps…

Advertising Wraps

Advertising Wraps

Research shows that the words and pictures on your vehicle get 91% of people’s attention – so why not transform your car into a “moving ad” that drives in the business?

Vehicle wrapped with business logo

Advertising wraps can…

  • Give your brand MASSIVE exposure
  • Promote your business on your daily commute
  • Get your phone ringing!

Full Color Change

Process of vehicle wrapping
  • Makes your car unique and attractive
  • Avoids an expensive paint job
  • Gives you MORE color options than paint
  • Protects your car from dings and scratches (increasing resale value)
  • Avoids DMV complications by NOT painting your car
Process of vehicle wrapping

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Hood Wraps

Hood Wraps

Vehicle Hood Wrapped
  • Gives your car an edge
  • Turns heads
  • Protects car from road objects
  • Cost-effective alternative to a full wrap

Roof Wraps

Roof Wraps

Vehicle Roof Wrapping
  • Protects your car from sun damage
  • Turns heads
  • Changes the look of car without doing a full wrap
Vehicle Roof Wrapping
How long does a wrap last on a car?

With proper installation, care and maintenance, vehicle wraps usually last 5-7 years. The horizontal surfaces of a car are more susceptible to UV and sun damage, which means they typically have a shorter life span than vertical surfaces. 

Is it better to wrap or paint a car?

Whether it’s better to wrap or paint a car will depend on your priorities and personal preferences. However, wrapping is generally the recommended option because it costs less than painting, and it protects your vehicle from road and sun damage.

Also, you can reverse a car wrap by removing it and having your factory paint again, whereas a full paint job sets things in stone.

How much does it cost to install wrap on a car?

Full vehicle car wraps cost roughly $3,000 – $5,500 on most vehicles. Some bigger and more complex vehicles can cost as much as $8,000+. 

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