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Quick. Easy. Affordable. Chrome Deletes Are Like “Botox” for your Car

Quick. Easy. Affordable. Chrome Deletes Are Like “Botox” for your Car

If you are looking to level up your car, Hi-Tech is the chrome delete shop you need. We don’t care if you drive a Tesla, Honda or Bentley – chrome deletes will undeniably improve your car’s factory look!

With just a little bit of vinyl… some next-level craftsmanship… and a whole lot of lovin’…

Hi-Tech will give your car that mysterious edge you just don’t see on the road.

And forget new rims, car wrapping, or a new paint job…

Chrome deletes will jazz up your ride and make it POP without doing all that, and without breaking the bank.

And the best part?

We get your car done in a day – and change the look for a lifetime!

Chrome delete service

Our chrome delete shop can…

  • Make your car stand out from a sea of other cars
  • Refresh the look and feel of your ride
  • Make people “OOH” and “AW” when you drive by!
Image showing before & after chrome delete

And we see it everyday! Simple, ordinary cars turned into “million dollar miracles”.

Like this regular Toyota Camry we transformed and gave a show car look to…

Customers are SHOCKED…

Customers are SHOCKED…

When they see their cars transformed with a little vinyl wrap.

And that’s the magic behind chrome deletes

We use vinyl to wrap the chrome trims around the car to give it a subtle finish with a MASSIVE visual effect!

For cars with black paint, it’s the fastest way to give a fully blacked out look. Visit our chrome delete shop!

Chrome delete - fully blacked out look

For any other car, it drives focus back to the contour and lines of the vehicle… Making for a crisp, clean look you can NEVER get from the factory!

Chrome delete picture 1
Chrome delete picture 2
Chrome delete picture 3

Chrome deletes are a fantastic way to change the look, style and feel of your car without spending 1000’s on a full vehicle wrap. Plus they’re 100% reversible AND they’ll look EXACTLY the same after you’ve washed your car!

Gloss Black

Gloss black example
Gloss black example
Gloss black example

Satin Black

Satin black example
Satin black example
Satin black example
Satin black example
Satin black example
Satin black example

So you want to find out more about our CHROME DELETE SERVICES?

Give us a call at 510-527-9888

Should you chrome delete your car?

Yes, you should chrome delete your car if you are looking for a much cleaner look on the road. Without that shiny chrome being visible, your car’s natural contours will come out – giving it an incredibly custom look. 

The good news? You’re not actually eliminating the chrome – you’re wrapping it in vinyl, which means it’s always reversible. 

How much does it cost to chrome delete a car?

The cost to chrome delete a car will depend on the model of the car, its size, as well as whether it’s a full or a partial chrome delete. Regular sedans typically fall between $550 – $1,450 for a full or partial chrome delete. Trucks and SUVs are in the $750 – $1,650 range. 

How long does chrome delete last on a car?

The durability of your chrome delete will depend on the quality and precision of the installation, the weather conditions (harsher conditions may deteriorate it faster), as well as how gently you wash your car (avoid high pressure). However, when installed properly, it should last 5-7 years with virtually zero maintenance required.

Can I remove chrome from a car?

Yes, you can remove chrome delete from a car, it’s a reversible process. If performed correctly, it will leave no damage or residue on your vehicle.

Better than removing chrome from a car, why not just hide it? With a chrome delete installation we can wrap your car’s chrome in vinyl and make it look like nothing’s there. 

This is a common practice nowadays and our customers rave about it. Not only will you get a custom look, but you can always remove the vinyl and sell your car with the factory chrome. (should that day come) 

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