Car Audio Installation

Hi-Tech built its foundation on car audio installation. In the early days Zap boards and equalizers were the rage.

Today compact subwoofer boxes and Smartphone-compatible stereos are the new kids on the block.

In any case, Hi-Tech has seen and kept up with the most innovative changes.

Now, we know your needs and preferences are not the same as the next person. You might crave the kind of system that gives California earthquakes a run for their money. Or maybe not.

Hi-Tech Car Audio Screenshot

Maybe you just want some classy tunes that are good enough for you inside the car—and not every person within a one mile radius. Either way, if it has to do with car audio we probably have something that matches your needs. Below you’ll find a list of our car audio services. Simply click on one to find out more about it:

Factory smartphone integration

Here you’ll find out about how to connect your phone or other music device straight to your factory stereo system (Sometimes there’s just no need to change your original stereo)

Here are some of our main specialties:

  • Aftermarket stereo installations that come with Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary input.
  • Factory integrated Bluetooth and USB installations (so you don’t have to change your stereo)
  • Subwoofer systems that can fit in a variety of cars—even trucks and miniature cars
  • Factory door speaker replacement
  • 4-8 channel amplifiers to give you that concert sound
  • Aftermarket navigation systems that are compatible with Smartphone’s
  • And a cornucopia of other services that are too many to list here

Let us know if you need something you can’t find here. If it’s related to car audio installation, chances are we’ve got it covered.

Mobile Security

Picture of a broken window and mirror
Picture of a thief trying to access a car door
Picture of a man with a tool in hand looking inside a car

Since our humble beginnings we’ve offered the latest in car security systems (car alarms). There is a wide spectrum of different models and brands you can choose from, but they all generally fall under these five categories:

1. Basic Alarms – Now when I say basic I don’t mean cheap or featureless. Basic alarms can be high quality products made by a top company such as DEI. Actually, a basic alarm might be all that you need. They come with two remotes, a shock sensor to detect break-ins, ignition kill, power door locks (only if your car has them. If not we can add them to each door), and parking lights flash (so that your parking lights go bizzerk when the alarm goes off). These alarms suit most people and can usually last 10 to 15 years.

2. Pager Alarms – Pager alarms are virtually basic alarms that come with the added benefit of a pager remote. This means you’ll be notified any time your alarm goes off… as long as you’re a ¼mile away from the car (some can go up to a mile… even thousands of miles! But more on that in a moment). All pager alarms come with one pager remote and a second basic remote.

3. Remote Start Alarms – These alarms allow you to start your car with the push of a button. Most of them are also pager alarms that come with a second non-pager remote. The coolest part is you can start your car from a mile away—and be notified of a break-in from the same distance.

4. Factory Alarm Integration – Sometimes you don’t want to add any extra remotes to your key chain. Well, factory integrated alarms make that possible. They’re basic alarms that couple with your factory system, and allow you to operate them with your factory remote. Many times the factory remote is your key, meaning all that you’ll need to activate the alarm is your car key.

5. Smart Start System – If you’re worried about something happening to your car when you’re away on vacation, this system could be what you need. Actually, it’s not really an alarm but rather a piece you add to your Smartphone to give it full control of the alarm. You can be anywhere in the world and use your phone to lock and unlock your car, be notified of a break-in, and start your car. These alarms already come with many functions and features to protect your car. However, there are a few extra features you can add to give your alarm more security and functionality.

Alarm Add-ons

1. Audio Sensor – This additional sensor is great for warding off more professional thieves. It detect subtle impacts to your car that the alarms shock sensor won’t pick up. So if someone were to cut the window with a diamond or shatter it with an electric shock, the alarm would go off.

2. Tilt Sensors – If you have some stylish rims on your car and you want them protected, this is a must! The tilt sensor detects your car being lifted or raised. Unfortunately an alarms regular shock sensor won’t detect this kind of movement, so consider this useful sensor if you do have nice rims.

3. Power Door Locks – If your car isn’t equipped with power door locks, we can add them to each individual door. This allows you to lock and unlock your doors with the push of a button (a relief from having to disarm the alarm and then manually unlocking your doors).

4. Window Rollup – Imagine parking your car and walking away with the windows still down. You’re not worried because as you leave you hit the button on your remote and… voila! You’re windows are up. Now, this won’t prevent a break-in to your car… but it certainly will provide a spectacle for your friends when you roll up to the party.

If you still have some unanswered questions on car audio installation, or would just like to chat a little more about alarms, please give us a call at 510-527-7940

Mobile Entertainment

Kids are definitely awesome. Just not on those LONG family trips. They can be the cause of Advil over-consumption. If that’s the case, forget the pills and instead consider a mobile entertainment system. We have a wide selection of TV and DVD combos that can be installed on your headliner or as your headrests.

Headliner TV’s range between 11 and 25 inches (25 inches for the viewing impaired). Most of them come in packages with built-in DVD’s and a pair of headphones for the kids.

Inside of a car with headliner TV

This means you can listen to your own music in the car while the kids use their headphones to hear their movie.

We can also make it so that anything playing on the TV gets heard through your door speakers.

Like headliner TV’s, you can get headrest TV’s with built-in DVD’s and headphone sets.

What’s nice is that they come pre-fabricated in their own headrests.

This means we don’t cut into your headrests—we just replace them. And if you’re worried about the headrests looking obnoxious and not matching your interior color, fear not. Each headrest usually comes in three or four different colors, one of which will definitely match your interior.

Your best bet is to come on down and take a look at some of these TV’s yourself. You can demo a movie while you’re here to get a sense of picture and angle quality.

But in the meantime, please feel free to call us with any questions.

Inside of a car equipped with headrest TVs
How much does it cost to put sound in your car?

The cost of putting sound in your car will depend on the model of the car and the individual requirements for each car audio system. However, to give you an idea, you can expect to get the full spectrum of sound in your car for $1,200 – $3,500+. 

In other words, it depends. Are you looking for more bass in your car? Do you prefer more ‘highs’ and treble for music clarity? After 38 years of installing sound systems in cars we’ve found most people prefer both: solid bass with balanced clarity. 

What is the best car audio system?

While the perfect car audio system will depend on the model of your car, your budget, as well as your individual preferences, the best car audio systems are generally made by JL Audio, Kicker, Alpine, Focal and Pioneer. 

Each brand has its own speciality: JL Audio makes incredible subwoofers and amplifiers, along with digital sound processors. On the other hand, Focal makes superior door speakers. 

And of course, Pioneer and Alpine lead the charge with their in-dash head units and Apple CarPlay features.

What speakers are good for a car?

The best speakers for a car are Focal. They offer the best balance of clean sound with high volume. You can get these speakers starting at around $89 for their auditor series, however they can get up to $699+ for their more premium models.

But keep in mind that JL Audio and Kicker also make incredible speakers for cars, too. Kicker is especially great for budget-minded people who want good speakers for their car but don’t want to break the bank!

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