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People waiting for the Midnight Madness event
People waiting for the Midnight Madness event
Hi-Tech Car Audio Happy Customers

About Us

Hi-Tech Car Audio Happy Customers

For nearly 30 years we’ve been bringing our customers the best in mobile audio, security, and entertainment. You can say that we’re mobile electronic junkies… and the line between work and play is EXTREMELY blurred for us.

But more than our toys we’re passionate about our people. What do I mean by our people? I mean our customers of course!

Window Tinting

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Our Blog

2017 Subaru Forester gets Windows Tinted!

Like President Trump, the Subaru Forester gets mixed opinions. It’s a polarizing car that some either love or hate... ...but me, I kinda like the car... especially after putting a few of them through good window treatment (A.K.A a window tint) This saucy...

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2017 Chevy Volt Window Tint

If you’re looking for privacy window tinting and overall heat reduction to the car - this post is perfect for you! Last week a customer brought her 2017 Chevy volt for window tinting. Having come fresh from burning man, this young lady was looking for...

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