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How to Install Subwoofers WITHOUT Replacing Your Stock Stereo

So here’s the rub... You want to add a little boom-boom to your car but either... 1) You can’t replace the stereo system because it’s a new model (or it’s exotic) or... 2) You just don’t want to replace the stereo because you like the factory look. In either case, you...

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7 Things Your Car Audio System is Missing

Everyone wants good sound in their cars... but what does that really mean? For some, ‘good sound’ just means a little more bass. For others it means more vocal clarity. And for others it’s just having a stereo capable of bluetooth! Ten different people will give ten...

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5 Reasons to Get Apple Carplay This Year

Apple CarPlay units are all the rage these days. People call every week telling us they want one … sometimes without even understanding what they really do! Amazing. But no surprise considering all the industry glamour they get So what’s the verdict? Is it all hype?...

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3 Ways to Know Your Window Tinter Did a Good Job

WILL IT PEEL??? It happens every week. Customer calls. Says they spent next-to-nothing on their window tint. Then 3 - 6 months down the line their windows started to bubble or turn purple.. OUCH! I hate to say it - but this could’ve TOTALLY been prevented in the first...

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2017 Subaru Forester gets Windows Tinted!

Like President Trump, the Subaru Forester gets mixed opinions. It’s a polarizing car that some either love or hate... ...but me, I kinda like the car... especially after putting a few of them through good window treatment (A.K.A a window tint) This saucy...

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2017 Chevy Volt Window Tint

If you’re looking for privacy window tinting and overall heat reduction to the car - this post is perfect for you! Last week a customer brought her 2017 Chevy volt for window tinting. Having come fresh from burning man, this young lady was looking for...

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