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2019 Audi A4 Gets Immaculate Ceramic Window Tint

Ever wonder what makes an Audi look and feel better? You guessed it - window tint! But now just any tint. In fact, don’t buy a brand new Audi and bring it to us for some regular-old-tint. We’ll just refuse to tint it! No, for a car like this, the tint...

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My Speakers Don’t Work! 3 Reasons Your Speakers Die Out

You can imagine how many customers come to us because their door speakers stopped working. ...or because they sound distorted. ...or because they come on and off intermittently. Usually their first thought is to just replace them. And in a perfect world, this would...

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The END of Navigation Car Stereos As We Know it!

It’s no secret - car stereo navigation units are dying. To be honest, I don’t know how they’ve survived over the last year. With smartphones owned and operated by virtually everyone on Earth, your navigation comes with you wherever you go - even your car....

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Top 3 Car Stereos With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Are you looking to use your most important apps right through your stereo? Did you know that you can access and use your phone’s... Navigation Podcasts Audiobooks Music Text messaging Pandora Spotify And More ...without touching or looking at your phone?...

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7 Reasons Why You MUST Attend Our Midnight Madness Event

On May 15th, 2019, we’ll be opening our doors for our semi-annual Midnight Madness Blowout Sale. If you’ve never attended, I can’t really explain what it is in words... Seriously, you’ve gotta just be here to experience it. But I know that’s a bit of a cop-out......

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3 Ways to Add Bluetooth to Your Car

Thinking of adding bluetooth to your car but unsure if you can? Been told you need to change your factory stereo in order to get bluetooth... even though you REALLY don’t want to? The reality is that every car is different. And every person is different. Some of my...

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Hand holding Phone Against The Law – $1,000 Fine?!

Is it true? Can you really be penalized $1,000 for holding your phone in your car? At first, it was just a rumor being spread throughout social media... so like any normal person, I didn’t take it seriously. But then I saw it - government message signs on I-680...

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How Much Does it Cost to Tint Car Windows?

“What’s your cheapest tint... “ ...is a question we get asked almost every single week. And I get it. You want to give your car some style without breaking the bank. But trust me, you DON’T want to cheap out on your tint. I’ve seen windows turn into this using cheap...

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3 Reasons You Need Ceramic Window Tint

I was driving down to LA in early fall of 2018 when I suddenly realized that my arms were burning. Couldn’t believe it... ...on the road for less than an hour and I was already getting lit up by California’s notorious sun rays. Now here’s the irony: I was driving down...

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